How To Make Your ESA Claim

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img94joktmu711275Employment and Support Allowance (ESA) is a financial support created for the disabled people who cannot work. If you are earning a low income or self-employed, you can still claim ESA. ESA claim differs from person to person, so it is better to speak with the ESA customer service to make a new claim. The esa contact number is available online at the website where it is helpful to check your existing claim details or any other related queries.

ESA system was created in the year 2008 to financially support a disabled or people with a poor health condition. You can also get the details and the application form for the claim through Jobcentre Plus network, Jobcentre Plus Offices and Benefit delivery centre.

You are eligible for this claim either when you are under your state pension age or have an illness or disability that damages your health. You can also receive your ESA claim form from the Jobcentre Plus office. You cannot claim any type of ESA if you are already claiming Income support, statutory sick pay and Jobseeker’s allowance.

Are you already claiming Universal credit or holding savings more than the specified limit? Then you cannot claim income-related ESA. There are two types in ESA namely Contributory related claim or Income-based claim and you can claim any one among them. You must provide all the supporting documents to prove that you are eligible for the claim.
You don’t wait anymore to make your claim call to the ESA claims department immediately. You must keep the documents listed below handy before talking to them.

The national insurance number, Address details, Council tax bill, GP’s address and Phone number, bank account details, the address of your employer, contact phone number, last working date, details of any other benefits if receiving sick pay, mortgage and landlord’s address details. The ESA office is working on Monday to Friday and you can dial their number between 8 am to 6 pm.

Is there any change in your medical conditions or working hours? Then you must report the details to the ESA team so that they can update it in your records. It is little risky to claim the ESA after your Work Capability Assessment states that you are fit for the job. There are some chances if when you are applying for a new claim for a different illness. The work capability Assessment is the test conducted by ESA to find out whether your body is fit to work or not.

Once you are approved for ESA benefits, you must participate in the ESA-related work activities, pre-established interviews etc. The activities will be related to finding a suitable job based on your skill set. If you failed to participate, it results in the reduction of your ESA terms or cancellation of your benefits. Before cancellation or reduction in terms, ESA informs you through a letter. It is essential to inform them the reasons when you missed a meeting to avoid the sanction letters. You can claim more money if you are greater than twenty-five years old.


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